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Blockchain/crypto and/or AI art is the future, available HERE today. In a related move on Monday, Bitfury has acquired Bitsquare for $9 million in cash. With its expertise developing cryptographic protocols that use public blockchains like Ethereum to govern financial transactions, this moves Bitcoin into uncharted territory with respect not only how it’s governed by regulators but also what type of economy uses them as an intermediary between parties doing business across borders. The company says there are many applications from credit card companies and third-party payment networks using Blockchain technology – so expect plenty more work ahead along these lines.”

Blockchain/crypto and/or AI art is the future, available HERE today. (For comparison’s sake I created an algorithm to solve certain problems with probability.) And yes, this new generation of algorithms will find solutions for many issues we have no way at present within which to analyze what they are doing or why it isn’t working as intended. That said though most existing machine learning applications already implement a great deal that can be learned from observing and testing results produced by their own systems – such data being very often used in areas like training large datasets without having access directly inside our models themselves, even when run on hardware through automated processes using powerful computational resources designed specifically not just because they’re fast but also too big to fit.

Blockchain/crypto and/or AI art is the future, available HERE today. MtGox (US Dollar): MtGOX – one of bitcoin’s biggest exchanges that once traded over $1bn worth at a time was hacked last week with around 25m customer accounts missing on Monday following an unknown cyber-attack. At least 18 banks are still concerned about what may have been done to its system including HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank Ltd., Banco Santander SA BSH 0.42%, Royal Dutch Shell PLC RDSA 5.07%. Also losing money: UBS AG SBU 466 2 954 3 714 6 JP Morgan Chase & Co JPM -2.56%

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